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gagnstathugchocolatelove: Any certain sound clouds to follow I am trying to find some lesser known djs but it's hard

MMM I like literally everything. Mainstream or not. Currently obsessed with Flume, Sub Focus,Jack Beats, & Dash Berlins soundcloud.

You can check out mine too for a lot of random music.

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phareoh-netsky: I've seen both of them live. I think I like Tiesto more, but that might just be because I lean more towards House/Trance than Dubstep.

See & that’s completely me. I’m more of a progressive house girl. I’ve seen Tiesto 4 times live but never Nero & was wondering if I should branch out lol

So someone help me…

Who’s better live Tiesto or Nero ?

Literally the perfect meal.

Literally the perfect meal.

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del--icious: You're ridiculously beautiful

Thank you lovely 💖

Anonymous: What do you do in order to stay in such great shape? Your body is literally perfect

This means a lot, thank you 💖

I hate to say this but nothing :/ I just eat want I want & I’m lazy as hell. I really think constantly going to shows & festivals dancing my ass off is my form of exercise lol

the-alluring: slightly obsessed with your blog, and I love that you're a sober raver... music is the best drug ;)

Thank you :))
& it really is :) 💕